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Wellness Medical Doctor & Yoga Teacher



The Beauty of Life...

Posted on June 14, 2018 at 8:05 AM

Life is a complex series of events, challenges, beautiful moments and then pain.

It can at times make you feel like giving up, giving in to the adversities and challenges that are uniquely placed along your life’s journey.

But then something unexpected happens.

You meet an interesting person- someone who shows you a new way of being or a different lens through which to view the world.

Or you start a new job venture, accomplish a challenge, surmount a previously insurmountable task for yourself.

And you cannot imagine having had thoughts of wishing it would all just end.

That’s the beauty of life. Life is flux. Life is unpredictable, chaotic and simple.

We are here to fulfil our unique purpose, whether we know what that is or not. We are here to grow from the lessons we encounter, to experience joy and happiness and moments of pure bliss and then to know these moments through their polarities of pain and sadness, regret and loss.

But it is all part of it- the pleasure and the pain. The diamond moments and the daggers to our hearts. The best way to handle it is to ride with it, don’t fight what comes your way, rather fight for your survival, have hope, don’t ever give in when you just desperately want to give up.

Remember THIS TOO SHALL PASS in moments of sadness and moments of joy.

And always, always show compassion to yourself and those around you. Even though we all go through harder times, and some more than others, if we can find love, forgiveness and acceptance within our hearts towards ourselves and those we have encountered along the journey, life will find a way to bring back joy into our lives…

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