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Reflections on The Secret Within by AnneMarie Postma

Posted on June 14, 2018 at 8:10 AM

“ When life becomes difficult for a moment, if it doesn't go the way we planned, we just take a little pill.


1.) We have a universal right to happiness and mental health, which, if all else fails, we can claim from our family doctor by way of a prescription.

2.) We can grow without going through life’s unavoidable phases of fear, doubt and pain.

3.) The darkness is something we should fear and battle against or something we need to be ‘cured’ of.”

In her wise little book, The Secret Within, No-nonsense Spirituality for the curious soul, AnneMarrie Postma makes some very significant points about life, pain and our society’s way of managing it.

In our culture today, the ability to connect with our emotional life, make sense of it and manage it, is clouded by our generalised desire to avoid discomfort, chase positive experiences and feelings and avoid anything “negative”, painful or challenging.

This can become very exhausting, as we strive to move quickly from one activity to the next, minimising the time or space for reflection, to avoid stumbling upon something in ourselves or our lives that reveals any level of dissatisfaction or discontent.

However, what we often neglect to realise, is that true growth, change, inspiration and creativity, is often only a result of processing these experiences that are contradictory to what our true essence desires. Only through identifying what we don't like and what doesn't fit for our unique soul’s calling in this lifetime, can we really begin to delve into what it is we were brought to deliver to the world.

This presents a very different view of the pain and hardships that inevitably present on our pathway through life. If we can cultivate the belief in the gift of these challenges as wake up messages from the Universe, we can instead be alerted to the realisation that we have lost sight of where we are going and the direction in which we need to proceed. Then it is up to us to make the choice to listen and move forward in a new direction, or in the same direction in a different way, with a different mindset.

The avoidance of pain, discomfort and challenge in life, only serves to keep us from discovering that which is truly meaningful to our true self.

If we start to allow discomfort in, make space for negative feelings and emotional states and use these as signposts, we can be guided by the Universe in a very clear way as to what actions we must next take.

As AnneMarie says, “We have nothing to gain from suppressing the unavoidable pain that life brings. Pain is a wake-up call from our soul! Pain is the road map; it can guide us to the parts of ourselves that are asking for attention, acceptance, love and healing. So pain should not be defended against, but allowed in and understood in all its glory.”

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