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Holistic Doctor & Yoga Teacher



Love thy self

Posted on June 14, 2018 at 8:15 AM

Something I have been reflecting on recently is the idea of making a difference and leading a fulfilled life. So many of us go about our llives really wanting to make a contribution to the outside world and to affect the wellbeing of others in a positive way.

However most of us, at least at times in our lives, can be harsh, critical and judgemental of ourselves in ways we would never dream of being towards others.

I have been reflecting on the idea that maybe it goes the other way around...

Instead of always seeking to think, do and act in the interests of others, which of course is also a lovely way to be, maybe it starts with directing some of this loving energy towards ourselves.

Maybe the more self-compassion we cultivate, and the more loving and accepting we are of ourselves, we can create the space in our lives to get in touch with our true self and our being's unique purpose. And maybe it is through this way of living that we can inspire others to similarly do so.

There is great power in this way of thinking. Through awareness we discover that we have the choice every day to take responsibility for cultivating our own positive thoughts, actions and intentions. And this gives us the opportunity to be making a difference and positive contribution in the world, every day of our lives....

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