Dr Talia Steed (MBBS)

Holistic Doctor & Yoga Teacher



Channelling your Inner Shakti

Posted on June 14, 2018 at 8:15 AM

Something I’ve been contemplating in my own life recently is the influence of energy in our lives. Whether male or female we all have feminine and masculine energy within, and in different domains of our lives these forces are either activated or can lie dormant or even suppressed. For instance in a male dominated work place, where we may need to be assertive, instructive and make things happen, we need to activate our male energy otherwise known as Shiva, to get things done on a very practical and earthly level.

However when being creative, innovative, exploring our inner self and desires, we need to connect to our feminine energy or Shakti, that allows our softer, loving and empathic qualities to be ignited. For me, connecting within allows me to cultivate a source of energy that otherwise can be dampened or shut down. When we connect to that inner source, which stems from developing an awareness of our true inner self, we can then act in ways that increase our ability to identify and follow our true life’s path.

At any time the power lies within to cultivate our inner Shakti nature. That is, if we choose to access it. We can let go of the search for external circumstances, people or situations to give us that energy, that many of us feel we don't have enough of. Instead, by looking within, we can connect with that infinite supply of Divine universal energy, which is accessible to us all by shifting the focus of our attention.

Everything we need to make us feel content, happy, joyful and loved we contain within our very own heart. This may sound paradoxical to our conditioned mind, that leads us to search outwards for externals to bring us these states of being. For instance the search for the right partner, job, house, city to live in, the list is infinite…. Our society and culture constantly bombard us with messages that support this idea. The messages all around us suggest that to be happy and fulfilled we need to follow some pre-ordained path of meeting the right partner, settling down, getting married, having children, buying a house, finding the right job etc etc….

Whilst this may be the true path for some of us, parts of it or even none at all may be right for others and it is so important that we cultivate an awareness of these societal expectations, so that we can make conscious choices as to what feels right for us.

And this is where the work lies. If we truly want to live a life filled with joy, vitality, contentment and peace, we need to look within and discover what it is that our heart truly desires.

When we connect with and channel our own inner Shakti, we feel more alive, more passionate, more invigorated and excited about life. We can understand the desires that lie within our very own heart and can cultivate acceptance for whatever it is that we may find. Then it is up to us to take responsibility for our own state of being, and do the things that perpetuate these feelings within us. At the end of the day, the choice is ours to make. For a life that makes us feel that spark and joy of being alive, we need to each and every day make the decision to seek this from within. By accessing our Shakti nature, we can connect with our inner light, letting it shine out brightly becoming a source of vitality and joy in the world.

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