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Thriving in life as an Empath

Posted on January 31, 2019 at 10:05 PM

Life as an Empath is certainly a magical experience...

We are blessed to experience highs that can take us to states of bliss, with profound joy and elation, yet can just as easily shift into states of intense negative emotions like fear, sadness or despair, when we take on too much of our surroundings, other's energy, places, society and more broadly the world at large...

So how can we bring some balance, equanimity and peace to our ever colourful, ever changing landscape of emotional experience?


The most important thing we can do is protect our energy field from taking on other people's negative emotions. We are like a magnet for people to offload and share as when they are with us they are not only being truly heard, but validated, understood and healed. Yet we need to protect our sensitive constitutions from taking on too much. From becoming overburdened and exposed to the negativities of life and choice to place our awareness on the joys and beauty, encouraging those around us to do the same. This helps to lift not only our own energy vibration, but that of those around us.

2. Grounding

We need so much time to connect with ourselves, rather than getting lost in the myriad of energies around us. Nature, the ocean, walks, gardening, lying on the ground and planting our feet in the soil, are all ways to centre ourselves when we are feeling unbalanced. Preventatively, the more we can do these things, the less likely we are to reach a state of overwhelm in the first place.

3. Cleansing

Through meditation, visualisations, epson salt baths, crystal healing and immersing ourselves in water, we can rid ourselves of our own and others toxic energy vibrations that attach to all of our energetic bodies. This is necessary as a regular practice to avoid the build up of stagnant energy in our system, that if left uncleansed will eventually manifest as physical ailments and even illness.

4. Expressing what we need

As much as we have the gift of understanding on a deeper level how others feel, it can be very difficult for others to grasp how life must be like as an empath. We are not just connected to our surroundings through our 5 senses, which are also heightened, but perceiving everything through our intuitive awareness, picking up of the minutest of subtleties in every moment. We therefore need to be able to express, without self-judgement, what it is we need. We are ultimately all so different and even within our self from day to day, moment to moment, our needs are constantly changing. The best we can do is to go with the flux of life, let go of our resistance to what is, to whatever presents itself across the screen of our consciousness and to ride the tides of our life journey in this incarnation.

Through these simple, yet profound practices, we can live a life in which we are not simply SURVIVING, but THRIVING and living the life that we know in our hearts we were always meant to live!

Namaste Dr Talia

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