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Health Shaming

Posted on October 23, 2019 at 4:10 AM

When it comes to our health, many of us are on a journey to reaching a more optimal state, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature.
Sometimes though, we can experience negative experiences with health professionals.
This can leave us feeling worse. Hopeless. Ashamed of our behaviours. Regretful of not taking advice. Or simply feeling unheard.

We can take many things from this kind of experience.
Firstly, we can reflect on the untruths about what was directed towards us.
Realising that everything people say comes filtered through the screen of their perceptions, experiences and egos.
It is not ALL ABOUT US!

We need to take back our power and realise that we made the decisions we did at a time in the past with the information we had at that time. 
In the emotional space we were in at that time.
Maybe we were not ready to face something, or maybe we simply wanted to explore an alternative direction.
And that is OK!

We are responsible for all the choices we make and can feel empowered that even if they were the wrong choices by someone else's standards, we obviously had lessons to learn down the path we chose to embark upon.

Secondly. we can also reflect on the truths of what was directed towards us.
What message from this other person, that may have been delivered in a harsh or unkind way, may actually be what we needed to hear at this point in our journey?
Maybe it is the time to take that advice, choose a different direction and make a change that we have been postponing, yet always knew was somehow inevitable.

The complexities and subtleties of our lives allow us, if we choose to, to develop greater insights and awareness into the way we move through each day here on Earth. Each situation offers the potential for stagnation into old "esky" ways of behaving or choosing new more helpful responses to the circumstances of our lives.

This is where our true POWER lies.
We always have the choice as to how we respond.
It may not seem easy, often it isn't.
But with time, and the cultivation of more space between stimulus and response, we start to become skilled at managing ourselves.
Stepping into higher and truer versions of who we really are.
Letting go of the old.
Opening up and surrendering to the new.
And it is here, in this process of shedding the false truths of our being, we access the freedom we are seeking.

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