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"I'll be happy when..."

Posted on January 6, 2020 at 2:55 AM

Our brains are naturally wired to delay our happiness.

Waiting for things to be all sorted. Solved. Aligned. Put into place.

When I get that job, that relationship, that holiday, that baby, that house... whatever it is that we think will bring us salvation. Joy. Peace. Freedom. Love. 

But the truth is, as we all know rationally, when has life ever stopped when that milestone arrived? And how long did the joy, happiness and satisfaction that we had been waiting for, last?

Maybe a minute, a day if we're lucky, and then on to the next thing, the next accomplishment, goal, circumstance... Always waiting.

So what if we took an alternative approach.

What if instead of seeking to find all that we desired in these external facets of our lives, what if we chose to redirect our attendtion within.

To shifting our state of perception.

To viewing all that we currently were surrounded by, with fresh new eyes.

It is so normal to want different things, to seek growth, expansion, achievement, but when we place our sense of happiness, safety or security in the hands of anything outside of our self, we can cause ourselves unnecessary suffering.

Look around you. 

See the blessings of your life.

Find the joy in the smallest of things. They are endless and plentiful. No matter what is happening in our outside worlds.

When we shift the lens, we find all that we were searching for. Right here. Right now. In the richness and totality of life as we know it.

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