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Tired or ALIVE

Posted on October 16, 2020 at 4:30 AM

As a Doctor I see so many patients each day coming in with fatigue, lethargy, apathy and generalised unease. They ask me for a blood test in search of a deficiency to correct, so that they can fix it, quick! and get back to what they have to do, because they are just so busy!


The challenge as a health practitioner in a system that has conditioned patients to place their power in the hands of the doctor, look for quick solutions and always seek answers from the external world vs tuning within, is to operate differently.


By perpetuating the illusion of "Doctor know's best", the power of the individual is abdicated and the person will ultimately remain stuck. Yes they may get some temporary alleviation of symptoms, but if the core issue(s) that triggered these are not addressed, from a simple cold to a chronic ailment, the body will find a way to resurface it through either recurrence or another condition.


So what is the alternative?


I believe as a healer my role lies in empowering people with the knowledge and guidance so that they can ultimately make the best, most informed decision for their body. They can start to take ownership for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual forces at play, taking back responsibility for their health, their true healing and ultimately their lives.


With this in mind, contemplating the issue of fatigue, we can start the journey of gaining awareness into the choices that we may be making that are at the root cause of this state.


It may be related to things like over scheduling or putting too many demands on ourselves, or there may be deeper issues at play. These could include external factors that are out of alignment, like jobs/ relationships/ living situations or internal factors, like overthinking/ negative self talk or chronic perceived stress.


Of course many times we do have a vitamin or mineral deficiency in need of correction, eg: iron/ vitamin B12 or vitamin D, which for some the restoration of levels can make a significant difference, but for others even once these levels are restored, the initial issues persist.


Through being courageous enough to face these truths, we are empowered to take back our power and to make the choice whether or not we wish to make the necessary changes to shift the trajectory of our lives.


My belief is that a true healer will be someone who can support us on this journey, to reclaim our power, our energy and vitality, and ultimately take self responsibility to recreate our lives.

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