Dr Talia Steed (MBBS)

Holistic Doctor & Yoga Teacher



Energy Within

Posted on December 5, 2019 at 5:35 AM

We only have a finite source of precious energy.

And it is up to us where we choose to invest it.

Do we out pour it into thoughts of the past- memories, regrets, past jobs or relationships?

Do we let it go into worries, blame, complaining, negativity, fear or doubt?

Feeding stories connected to our wounded selves, out dated versions of aspects that no longer feature in our current life?

Or do we choose a new adventure?

Re-write our story, invest in a dream, empowered belief, loving thought/ word/ deed?

It is up to us to choose wisely.

What do we want to see grow and expand in our life?

Joy, peace, love, connection, vitality?

The choice is ours...

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