Dr Talia Steed (MBBS)

Holistic Doctor & Yoga Teacher

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Body Wisdom

What is Your Body Trying To Tell You?

T​hroughout my personal healing journey and my professional life as a doctor, I was 

repeatedly faced with the limitations of modern medicine. 

There were no answers to be found for my symptoms from within the Medical Model and so this prompted my search for alternative options. However what I found was that similarly, despite what modality I tried, I could not seem to find the solutions.

At the same time, I was seeing patients going through the exact same situation. 

Faced with these limitations, I knew that there must be something more. 

Body Wisdom is the meeting point between science and psyche. 

It encompasses all modalities as tools that are chosen depending on what our body tells us we need.

This is where lies the art. 

As we learn to tune into our inner wisdom, we can uncover the exact modality, food, behaviour or change we need to make to take that first stepping stone on the path to health.

The conscious mind is only a small part of the human psyche. 

The subconscious beliefs we carry make up a much greater part of what dictates our behaviours, often, in the case of ill-health, keeping us stuck. 

Body Wisdom helps us access the subconscious insights we carry.

It works because there is no one fit approach to healing, as we are each such unique individuals with layers of complexity. 

Our answers lie within. 

With the space and stillness to uncover what these are, we can create our own healing path.

Body Wisdom Meditation