Dr Talia Steed (MBBS)

Holistic Doctor & Yoga Teacher

As a Medical Doctor having worked in the fields of General Practice (GP), Psychiatry,  Addiction, 

Emergency, General and Integrative Medicine, I have seen that we need to consider more than the 

physical domain of our lives, when attempting to heal the body. 

The 4 key areas to consider on our journey to optimal health are:

1. Nutrition- what are we putting in our bodies?

2. Movement- what are we doing with our bodies?

3. Beliefs- what are we putting in our minds?

4. Connection- how do we relate with our self and those around us. 

This aspect also links to our connection to the Universe and the bigger picture of our life.

By tuning into ourselves rather than all the messages we receive from the outside world, we can 

develop greater self awareness and fine tune our own intuition.

My specific areas of interest include:

- Life coaching:

To assist people gain clarity in the direction in which they wish to move and uncover any barriers getting in the way of achieving their goals.

This can include learning how to improve intuitive decision making, or career/ relationship counselling. 

- Highly Sensitive Person/ Empath health:

To support people with this trait navigate life in a busy modern world.

- Health optimization:

To support those wishing to elevate their vitality, energy levels and overall wellbeing through a holistic approach.

- Spiritual counselling:

For those on a spiritual path wanting support and guidance in navigating their journey.

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