Dr Talia Steed (MBBS)

Wellness Medical Doctor & Yoga Teacher

My name is Dr Talia.

I am a Wellness Medical Doctor and Yoga Teacher.

Working as a Medical Doctor for 10 years in the fields of Psychiatry and General Practice (GP) in combination with my own personal health journey to wellness, I realised that we need to consider more than the physical domain of our lives, when attempting to heal ailments of the body.

This lead me to the path of becoming a Wellness Medical Doctor...

So what is a Wellness Medical Doctor???

For me health is more than simply the absence of disease or illness.

The cultivation of health is maintaining a state of optimal joy, vitality and peace in our lives.

I believe that the 4 keys to reaching this are:

1. Nutrition- what are we putting in our bodies?

2. Movement- what are we doing with our bodies?

3. Beliefs- what are we putting in our minds?

4. Connection- how do we relate with our self and those around us

I believe in a collaborative approach, where I work together with each person as an individual to facilitate greater self awareness and develop our innate intuitive capacity.

I find that by tuning into ourselves rather than all the messages we receive from the outside world, we are able to understand the issues behind the scenes preventing us from healing.

From this place of self awareness and inner guidance, we can learn to make the right decisions for optimal health and wellness in our lives.

My specific areas of interest include:

-Chronic unresolved physical issues (e.g: IBS/ Fibromyalgia/ Migraine's/ undiagnosed symptoms)

-Gut symptoms & the link with chronic anxiety

-Mental health (including Medical Students & Doctor's mental health)

-Disordered eating/ body esteem

-Intuitive & mindful eating

-Women's empowerment/ self-esteem & confidence building

-Intuitive decision making (including relationship & career guidance)

-Mindfulness and meditation in the workplace

I find that through a BODY, MIND & SPIRIT approach to our health and healing we can achieve the wellness, joy & vitality in our lives that we desire.

There have been many diverse influences that have shaped my view of healing.

These include the teachings by Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Dr Judith Orlorff, Carolyn Myss, Gill Edwards, Brene Brown, Paulo Coelho, Oriah, Oprah, Don Miguel Ruiz & Gabrielle Bernstein.

I believe like all of these teachers we are each here to help and guide one another on our life's journey. By cultivating change from within, we can connect with our intuitive voice & be the person we were always destined to be.

Meet...      Dr Talia