Dr Talia Steed (MBBS)

Wellness Medical Doctor & Yoga Teacher


Sunday Feb 2nd 2-4pm


Have you been labelled as sensitive? Overly empathic?

Do you tend to feel everything very deeply? Your own and others emotions? Are you intuitive? Do you need time out to re-energise in your own energy without the drain of others around you? Are you connected to nature or animals in a deeper way?

This workshop will be about understanding your trait as a Highly Sensitive Person/ Empath or BOTH!

It will be about learning ways to optimise your gifts as a sensitive soul.

I will also guide you through:

- a gentle yoga flow

- & meditation session to deepen your tools to thrive in life as a sensitive soul.

Followed by herbal teas and raw treats.

Cost= $80

Limited Places



How to become an Empowered Sensitive Person

I also run the following workshops for events or workplace seminars.

Please get in touch for further enquiries.

1. The Gut/Brain connection

  • What is the Gut/ Brain connection?
  • What is IBS?
  • How are our emotions linked to symptoms including the impact of anxiety?
  • Mindful eating
  • The impact of self confidence on symptoms.
  • Yoga for supporting the Gut/ Brain connection

2. Body Love

  • Disordered relationships with food
  • Negative self-talk and perfectionism
  • Yoga for facilitating more self-acceptance and love

3. Connecting with your Intuitive Voice Within

  • How to let go of the external messages from the outside world
  • Tuning into what is truly right for your body
  • Finding your inner voice
  • Yoga for connecting with your intuition

4. The Highly Sensitive Person/ Empath

  • What is a HSP/ Empath?
  • The sensitive person in overwhelm
  • Thriving in life as a sensitive person
  • Yoga for grounding as a sensitive soul

5. Reboot for Writers/ Office Workers

  • The impact of sitting at a desk all day
  • The evidence for movement and mini breaks
  • Brief Yoga Reboot Sequence
  • Mindfulness Practice for refocusing and reenergising
  • Take home tips

6. Workplace Stress Management

  • What is the impact of stress in the workplace?
  • The importance of employee mental health and wellbeing for productivity and vitality in the workplace
  • How to fulfill our optimal potential in our vocation
  • Mindfulness Practice in the office
  • Desk yoga

7. Mindfulness for Medical Students/ Junior Doctors

  • My Story
  • What is Mindfulness? Meditation? Yoga?
  • What does the research show?
  • Why would a medical student/ junior doctor benefit from learning these skills?
  • Mindfulness Practice